With the advent of the internet, virus protection has become a key component of ensuring productivity of an organization. Protection needs to be implemented at the perimeter of the network, similar to a fence around a high security facility or the walls around a castle. And, just like those fences and walls,  anti-virus software and hardware needs to be kept in top condition and completely up to date. However, unlike walls or fences, the digital era causes a need for hour-by-hour monitoring to ensure that there are no cracks through which an enemy can slip. 

Here at The Source Computing we utilize two trusted anti-virus solutions to protect you from any and all intrusion. These programs, when combined with the expertise of our team, are the sentries that guard your company from the thousands of invaders that are rampant across the world wide web. 

When engaged in our The Source's maintenance contract with your company, our engineers schedule proactive maintenance and monitoring. We check your servers and desktops to keep them up-to-date with the latest  virus definitions and to ensure that there are no active threats within the walls of your network.

Viruses are an ever-present threat to anyone who is connected to the internet in our world. Contact The Source Computing and see how we can help you guard your business.