Hosted VoIP

Your legacy phone system is not only crippling your communication needs, but it’s costing an arm and a leg as well. Stop paying for outdated on-premise PBX or traditional landline phone service when your organization could be leveraging the cost savings and flexibility that VOIP has to offer.

What is VOIP? Simply put, it stands for “Voice over IP” which is fancy speak for making and receiving calls over something every office already has: an internet line. That’s right, the same connection that provides you with web and email access can also easily carry your voice traffic too. The Source Computing has been using VOIP phone technology since our inception years ago, and are proud partners of the same service we use for our own internal phone needs, Vocalocity.

Think VOIP is some new technology? If you’ve ever heard of Vonage (for home phone service) then you have definitely been aware of VOIP for years. Most people don’t know it, but VOIP has been growing steadily as an alternative to costly, outdated PBX phone systems for a number of years now.

Why choose hosted VOIP through RingCentral for your organization’s phone needs?

  • Traditional phone lines & service are costly. In comparison to regular phone service, leveraging your existing internet connection to take advantage of phone service through Vocalocityl is cheap. Prices start as low as $29 per month for unlimited calling, for offices with at least two lines.
  • Voicemail delivered on your smartphone, email inbox, and computer desktop. Stop treating voicemail like the dinosaur most phone services treat it like. Voicemail through Vocalocity can be delivered via email, on your smartphone, or into the Vocalocity Softphone program on your computer at no extra charge. It’s all included.
  • Fully 100% cloud based administration – so easy, a child could manage it! In the 21st century, there is no reason to need a “phone guy” any longer. With Vocalocityl, you can administer your organization’s settings from ANYWHERE as long as you have internet and a web browser.
  • Port in any of your numbers – local, toll free, whatever they may be. Vocalocityl doesn’t force you into a new number. You can bring in any of your existing telephone lines to the service and continue receiving/making calls as you are today.
  • Dedicated conference call bridge line. Still hunting for free conference call services or worse – paying through the nose for a separate dedicated conference calling line? Cut the waste, and take advantage ofVocalocity’s fully integrated conference line which you can use with your customers, coworkers, or anyone you wish. The same bells and whistles are included as you may be receiving with your current pricey provider.
  • Fax capability in and out for ANY of your phone lines. Fax used to have dedicated numbers. Not anymore. With Vocalocity, any of your phone lines can act as fax lines too, receiving and sending faxes seamlessly on the web or through email.
  • Fully fledged call routing, auto-attendant service, and much more. You don’t have to pay fancy prices to get a proper professional phone system these days. With Vocalocityl, everything their company has to offer is included in the low monthly price.

Contact us today for a free consultation on getting rid of your aging, legacy system and moving onto a 21st century phone solution like Vocalocity.