Managed IT Services

Keeping even an entry level technology support person on staff costs on average at least $63,000 per year plus benefits. Consider outsourcing your IT needs to The Source Computing, and spend a fraction of that on professional support from a team of industry experts.

Small business owners approach our company on a regular basis, asking the same age old question: how can you save my business money? What are the benefits of going outsourced vs keeping my tech support in-house? Will I suffer a loss in quality due to outsourcing?

There are numerous benefits to hiring an outsourced IT provider like The Source Computing to handle your company’s technology needs. Here are just a few of the reasons:


Why Manged IT?

  •     Predictable Fixed Cost
  •     Improve Employee Productivity
  •     80% of companies have reduced their IT Cost by over 25%
  •     Avoid IT Emergencies and Downtime
  •     Increase your Service Levels

 How can Data-Tech help you achieve your goals?

  •     Freeing up your staff to maximize their productivity
  •     Providing a predictable IT budget
  •     Decreasing operating costs through increased efficiencies
  •     Helping you control the need to add staff as your organization grows
  •     Providing you with data to make informed decisions
  •     Offering the latest enterprise-class technologies without the risk, or complexity of maintaining them
  •     Assisting you to respond quickly to time-to-market demands
  •     Increasing your levels of support and network availability through proactive monitoring of your data and equipment by our team
  •     Enabling you to keep up with the latest security threats and to address privacy or security regulations
  •     Securing your data with data protection and disaster recovery solutions.

No IT Department? No problem.

We can become your virtual IT department, responsive to your every need, without the expensive overhead. Our Information Technology (IT) Managed Services option allows you to focus on your core business, leaving the day-to-day management and support to us. Our network engineers employ a holistic approach to network and system administration, enabling us to pinpoint and resolve potential problems before they hinder performance or result in costly downtime for you.


Curious about how much money you could save by outsourcing with The Source Computing? Give us a call or email us today!