Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is the most used desktop email client in the business world today. Luckily, The Source Computing has vast experience with the product and can resolve most issues in short order.

No matter which version of Outlook your company is using, we have likely worked with it. All the way from Outlook 2000 to the newest 2013 release, our team has the expertise necessary to handle any kinks that may have surfaced.

Why choose The Source Computing for your Outlook support needs?

  • Experience with POP, IMAP, Exchange, Office 365, and Google Apps. No matter what email service powers your Outlook experience, we can provide the professional assistance necessary to resolve even the deepest issues with this email program.
  • Multiple email accounts and even multiple user scenario support. Pulling multiple inboxes into Outlook? Or have a shared computer where multiple parties are logging into Outlook? No worries. We’ve seen every combination of possibilities and can get you back on your way.
  • PC, MAC, and Web Access version support. Whether you use Outlook on a PC, MAC, or even over the Web Access interface, we can provide support for any situation. Our Outlook experts have been working with the program regularly for years.
  • Having sync issues? Give us a ring. There are numerous factors which can disable Outlook’s sync capabilities with Exchange or Google Apps. We’ve been fixing them for others over the years, and can help you as well.
  • Email not sending out? Or can’t receive email? With all the different ports, server settings, and other technical configuration options in Outlook, it’s not a surprise that something may stop working one day. We have the expertise needed to quickly spot these problems and resolve them in short order.
  • Corrupted PST got you down? We’ve recovered even the worst mangled PST files over the years. Let us know about your PST file issues and one of our specialists can get working on a restoration asap.

Looking for Outlook support for your organization or home business? Let us know! Contact us today to speak with an Outlook expert.


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