Open Source Solutions

Open source programs are designed by communities of individuals that simply love what they do and want to share. Products like Open Office, a free open-source equivalent of Microsoft Office; Linux, a well known open source operating system; and Mozilla Firefox, the extremely popular web browser, are all examples of what the open source community can do. However, open source solutions extend much farther than web browsers and office products, reaching to network servers, mail servers, file sharing, firewalls, network intrusion detection software, proxies, IPs, and VPNs.

Some reasons why some customers choose open source systems as their server platform, or to support high-impact services like e-mail and web serving:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Low cost implementation
  • Availability

Like all high-performance systems, open source systems require expert support. At The Source Computing, our technicians are ready and willing to help set up, maintain, and optimize many popular programs, such as;

  • Open Office
  • Linux, including the popular Ubuntu distribution;
  • Apache web server;
  • File sharing for Windows systems (SAMBA);
  • Firewalls, proxies, and IPSec VPNs;
  • Network intrusion detection systems;
  • Mozilla Communication and Browser software. 

Contact us and see what The Source can do for your business when it comes to open source solutions!