Your business data is critical to your company’s day to day operation. Are you certain that major security holes are closed off to criminals and hackers? Don’t place bets on hope alone.

Too many businesses are using sub-part equipment and policies to protect their most valued data. Would you knowingly leave your front door open to criminals? Don’t let your computer systems suffer from the same fate.

Our company specializes in providing full blown security audits for small businesses. From your wireless network to your desktop computers, we can do a full analysis of your vulnerability level to common attacks, malware, and data theft by nefarious criminals. Patching gaping holes in your network and computer systems could be the difference between being crippled from cyber theft or continuing expanding your business.

Why choose The Source Computing for your own organizational security audit?

  • Public and private sector security experience. Our staff has a diverse background and skill-set from having worked at various organizations, providing first hand support in a bevy of technology systems and networks.
  • We can point out the most critical security holes in your technology. We follow standard best-practice policies on networking, data storage, and data access.
  • Experience with implementing corporate VPNs, security routers, and hardware firewalls. Our team has been implementing and supporting the latest network security technologies and can help solidify your business’ confidential information.

Contact us today if you want us to provide you with a security audit to see where your defenses can be improved.